Sustainable Brand

Since we care about the environment, our aim is to use recycled silver and gold only. Making sure our brand won’t encourage child labor, exploitation or environmental pollution.

We believe that small changes in our daily life can restore the balance of the environment and nature.

Let’s think about this for our future generations.

Materialized memories

Jewels are like small emotion catchers and each piece has its story.

Carrying loved ones close to you every day and materializing important moments, that is the power of jewelry. 
With jewels we cherish warm-hearted moments, beautiful journeys and those we love most. 

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Behind the jewels

Hi, I’m Laure De Mees.

My passion for jewelry started in my childhood. My grandmother would occasionally ask me to do repairs and we also bought beads to make our own pieces. 

This eventually lead to an enormous collection and finally my own fashion jewelry brand in 2010.


I studied ‘Goldsmithing and Jewelry Design’ at Technicum Noord Antwerpen, graduated in 2013, and followed up with the study ‘Restoration of jewelry’ in 2014.


In 2020 I took the leap to work full time as a goldsmith and designer and I’m incredibly grateful to do what I enjoy most every day.

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